Mid-Campaign Update

axiiio's Kickstarter campaign is at the halfway point

Hello again,

We're halfway through the Kickstarter campaign, but unfortunately a long way from where we want to be. We've got a steep climb the make for the last half, and we haven't given up yet!

Keyhole Clamp on hackaday.io

You might like to know that I've posted the Keyhole Clamp on hackaday.io. You can find all the details, necessary components and the 3D printer model (STL) files, in case you want to make your own!


You can also find the Skateboard Dolly Rig project:


Elizabeth Quay Timelapse

A little while back we shot some timelapse footage of a sunset over Elizabeth Quay, in Perth, Western Australia. It's a particularly beautiful spot right on the Perth city foreshore. The timelapse is just a simple pan, so you could achieve the same with just a tripod and the axiiio nano Starter Kit.

Pretty Lights

I realised that I'd forgotten to show the lights on the front of the Receiver. I'd put some effort into animating the blue lights in the logo, and haven't shown anyone!

Secret Project X Part 1

You may remember the Secret Project X Teaser trailer we put out a few weeks back? Well, we've completed part 1 of that project. Enjoy!