Add-on Pricing for Indiegogo!

Hello, axiiio fans!

We will be offering a number of add-ons on Indiegogo for use with the axiiio nano kits. As an introductory offer, these are heavily reduced from their retail prices. If you sign up as a VIP, you'll get an additional 20% off as well as access to the first-shipped batch of kits!

These add-ons can add extra functionality to the kits that you've bought. We'll be offering extra leads, motors, and pancakes during the campaign as well as some extra goodies as stretch goals. These stretch goals include things like low-profile ball heads and support systems for our slider. More on these later!

Listed below are the basic add-ons that will be available from the start of the campaign and their indicative pricing. These prices may vary slightly depending on the currency exchange rates when we launch.


Build your own rigs with extra pancakes and motors!

axiiio nano motion pancake: $189 USD (Retail $299 USD)

Build your dream custom rig with your choice of either belt drive or rope drive pancakes which are capable of rotational and linear motion.

Click here to learn more about the axiiio nano motion pancake!


Extra motors and leads can give you lens control for focus, iris, or zoom rings!

axiiio nano motor and motor lead: $579 USD (Retail $689 USD)

A spare motor with a 650mm (25.5in) lead. An easy way to expand your rig's capabilities. Each motor comes with a large and small gear as well as a 15/19mm rod clamp for lens ring control.

Click here to learn more about the axiiio nano motor!

axiiio nano motor lead: $46 USD (Retail $69 USD)

A spare 650mm (25.5in) motor lead. These are ultra-high-quality leads that use industry-standard locking metal connectors and are custom made for the axiiio nano system.

axiiio nano power lead: $35 USD (Retail $52 USD)

Just in case something happens to the supplied power lead in the kit you can get a spare on the Indiegogo campaign. Each axiiio nano kit comes with a power lead included, but if you're worried you might misplace it, you can order a spare. These are high-quality leads that use industry-standard, positively locking, metal connectors and high-quality cable.

axiiio nano trigger lead: $55 USD (Retail $82 USD)

A spare trigger lead for your kit. This lead breaks out to a 2.5mm jack which can be used with a variety of different trigger leads for a wide range of cameras. This lead has a tiny optical isolator built into the end which completely isolates your camera from the receiver. It also uses industry-standard, positively locking, metal connectors and high-quality cable.


That's all for this one. Stay creative and make sure to get in touch if you have any questions, want more details, want to discuss your motion projects, or anything – just email

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