Looking back at the last year

The last year has been very busy at axiiio HQ

Hello, axiiio fans!

The last year has been very busy at axiiio HQ. We thought it'd be fun to look back on the big changes we've made to the axiiio nano system in that time.

Before we start, we just wanted to remind you that the campaign officially starts on the 19th of October. Only 1 week away!


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High Resolution Encoders

The biggest improvement to the system has to be the new high resolution encoders for the axiiio nano Motors. They've improved accuracy to a crazy level; on our tilt pan head the resolution is now 0.00625° which equates to 2.25 seconds of arc. The result is a motor that is far more responsive and accurate.

It wasn't just a matter of swapping in a new part either. The encoder circuit board had to be redesigned, and a new assembly process developed out of a repurposed camera rig!


New Rig Components

The year also saw the keyhole quick release clamp put to use as the foundation for our pan tilt head, after a bit of experimentation and machining. Brand new low profile slider end clamps were also designed and manufactured. The pan tilt head got a redesigned wiring harness for power and camera trigger lead.


Firmware and Software

All that hardware performance is controlled by the axiiio nano Receiver firmware and the ProMoCo app software. Both of these have changed significantly over the last year. Not just the inevitable bug fixes, but solid improvements to control, responsiveness, performance and accuracy.

So much so, that when you're controlling focus by your finger on the screen of your iOS device, it feels as if you're directly connected to the lens control motor.


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Motor + Lead: $579 (Retail $689) USD

Pancake: $189 (Retail $299) USD

Motor Lead: $46 (Retail $69) USD

Power Lead: $35 (Retail $52) USD

Trigger Lead: $55 (Retail $82) USD


That's all for this one. Stay creative and make sure to get in touch if you have any questions, want more details, want to discuss your motion projects, or anything – just email equiries@axiiio.com.

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