Single lens ring

The axiiio nano FIZ kit can be used with just a single lens ring if that's your preference. This leaves the other two motors in the kit free to perform other motion control tasks with the appropriate axiiio nano hardware.


Dual lens ring

The most common control set up we use is dual lens ring where two axiiio nano motors are connected to focus and zoom lens rings. One motor is free in this configuration to perform other motion control tasks.


Triple lens ring

When you need full control over all the parameters of a lens, the axiiio nano FIZ kit allows you to control Focus, Iris and Zoom simultaneously.


Stabiliser Ready

The axiiio nano system has outputs to control the pitch and yaw of third-party stabilisers. This means that a second operator can control a stabilisers direction and pull focus from the ProMoCo app. We'll be publishing a list of supported stabilisers in the coming months.