Earlybird Rewards!

We're offering some great value free rewards to the first 20 backers for our two kits on Kickstarter. Whether you decide to get a Starter Kit or a FIZ Kit, the early birds will receive some great goodies!


Starter Kit reward

Free L-bracket for the first 20 pledges! Value $70 USD

The first 20 backers to pledge the axiiio nano Starter Kit on Kickstarter will receive a free L bracket that can be used to make a range of different rigs for motion control. To see some of the rigs you can make with the starter kit and an L bracket visit our Starter Kit page.


FIZ Kit reward

Additional free Motion Pancake for the first 20 pledges! Value $350 USD – that makes two!

An additional choice of one of either our belt or capstan drive motion pancake will be made available to the first 20 backers who pledge for the FIZ Kit during our Kickstarter campaign. For more info on these clever little devices and what they can do visit our Motion Pancake page. or visit the FIZ Kit page for information on this reward.