PSSST before you go...

Do you want to save up to 40% off retail during the pre-order phase?

If you want to reserve your place for up to 40% off retail on our kits during the pre-order phase, simply place a AUD$1.00 deposit and you'll be locked in for these CRAZY discounts.


Why should I join the VIP List?

Discounts! The biggest reason to join is that members of the VIP list get substantial discounts on all pre-order items. In addition to that, you also get:

  • Early access to the checkout before the official launch to guarantee first round shipping!

  • VIP member's only news, info, and behind the scenes content.

  • Access to the VIP member's private Facebook group so you can ask us questions directly before the launch.

What are the discounts?

When we launch the pre-order phase we'll sending you a link to the special VIP offers page on our website. The discount will allow you to pre-order a kit at a special VIP price. If you like you can use the savings to add more axiiio motion components to your order. Oh we'll also be discounting those prices for you too!

Why does it cost $1?

It doesn't cost a dollar because this is a money making scheme for us (hardly, it's a lot of work!) but because we want to be sure that members of the VIP list are genuinely interested in our products. We're trying to find the keen robotic-camera-motion nerds out there 😃.